Youth Day 2019

June 16 is a commemoration of the youth uprising that happened in Soweto 1976. Students from numerous schools began to protest in response to the introduction of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction. An estimated number of 700 protesters were  killed by the police.

A historical moment of this day is the image below of twelve-year-old Hector Pieterson who was the first student gunned down. He was picked up by fellow student Mbuyisa Makhubo who rushed him to the Phefeni Clinic, with Pieterson’s crying sister Antoinette running alongside.

We value the generation of 1976 as they stood and fought battles for the youth of today to have better education and a better future. In the spirit of Youth Day we reached out to the youth to send us images of themselves that we have adapted into avatars. These avatars were created from the UNIA flag also known as the Pan African flag designed by Marcus Garvey.

The wording on the avatar ‘ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIA E CERTA’  means the struggle continues, victory is certain. We went further in encouraging them to share videos of themselves telling us what their struggles/ challenges are that they are faced with and how they overcome them as the youth of 2019.

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