Sudan Uprising and Massacre 2019

Sudan has been in the midst of a political crisis since December when the country had an uprising. Massive protests began after the government decided to triple the price of goods. The country was already suffering an acute shortage of foreign currency and inflation had hit 70%.

Cuts to bread and fuel subsidies sparked demonstrations in the East of the country and anger spread to the capital Khartoum. Protesters demanded the removal of president Al-Bashir and his government, who has led the country since 1989. After the refusal to step down as president, the convergence of opposition groups formed a united coalition.

In May Mr Bashir was charged with “inciting and participating in” the killing of protesters and due to the circumstances he had to step down as president.

The army in Sudan is not a unified source and as a result the war continues, the people are engulfed with animosity and there has been a number of deaths, beatings and systematic rape of protesting women has been undertaken by security forces.

Since then much of the country has been shut down after the opposition called for an open-ended strike. After days of talks,special envoy to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Mahmoud Dirir, announced June 11 that protest leaders had agreed to suspend widespread strikes and return to the negotiating table. Mr Dirir said that in return, the military had agreed to release political prisoners. However no set date for the resumption of talks was given.

In solidarity of our brothers and sisters, we pray peace and justice may reign over them and the country of Sudan may gain strength and reach fair common ground.


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