Shwegami, A Butan Story

When the Shwegami reversible jacket dropped in May 2017, we drew inspiration from Japan once again. When you check out the jacket’s satin lining something special is happenig in there. This time a Japanese traditional craft Ise Katagami was adopted with a South African twist of course. The name “Shwegami” is a merging of Ise Katagami and SA’s Shweshwe to form – “Shwe-Gami.”

South Africa’s isi-Shweshwe is cotton dyed fabric widely used for traditional clothing. The Shweshwe fabric used to be dyed, originally, in indigo.

Ise Katagami is a craft used to create paper stencils for dying textiles.

The appearance of the custom Butan Shwegami pattern adopts the indigo colour, bringing the flavour back home. The pattern has very strong Ise Katagami characteristics and some ‘Hidden Panthers’ elements snuck in. The pattern was created for our ‘Hidden Panthers’ collection.

Check out the Shwegami custom pattern and see how many panthers you can spot amongst the florals. Let us know how many you see on our social media.



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