Searching For Mother & Child

Growing up in a South African township one thing is certain, your house had a picture you weren’t sure if the people in it were family or not. The disctinct and recognisable out of all is the mother and child image.

Hung on a wall in a living room, this picture became a staple in many households. A serene and beautiful moment shared by a mother and her child. The mother’s eye were reassuring. Any child who looked at the image can tell you it raised them. It was an image of hope but of equal mystery too. No one can ever tell who the two in the image are. Where it was shot and how we ended up ‘praising’ this image.

Butan embarked on a journey to tell the story of the mother and child with the title “Seaching For Mother and Child.” We also produced a graphic t-shirt depicting the celebrated image of the mother and child.

Following the apparel drop, we shot a mini documentary where we asked friends of the brand to tell us stories relating to their experience with the image. JR, HHP, Lerato Sengadi, Kuhle Nkosi and Osmic Menoe along with some people from Alex tell us what the picture meant to them.

Check out the mini documentary below and share with us your memory of the image on our soacial media. If you bought the t-shirt, let us know if you still have it. Will you like to see us re-release the graphic?


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