Living Life Like It’s 420

Redondo from Driemanskap

In celebration of 420 and the recent law passed in the Western Cape, allowing home consumption of cannabis, which marks an important step towards legalization, we decided to leak a track with you today.

Trenton and Free Radical’s track ‘Groodboom’ features the supremely talented Redondo from Cape Town’s biggest hip hop group Driemanskaap and the legendary producer and artist Lee Scratch Perry who was one of the pioneers responsible for the Reggae music explosion out of Jamaica in the 70’s and was also instrumental in the success of Bob Marley.

The track explores the benefits of the legalisation of cannabis and how South Africa has the perfect conditions to capitalise on the global trends. “It is not a track about people just getting high. There are so many medicinal benefits to the plant and our good climatic conditions are perfect for us to establish an industry which will drive job creation and benefit our economy” says Trenton.

Download the track here:

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