Kente Fabric – Butan Black Star Line Collection

As you may have noticed some garments from the Black Star Line carry a pattern familiar to the eye. It is because the pattern is definitely a familiar one and is a reiteration of the Ghanaian Kente.

Kente is the general name given to several categories of hand woven cloth done in the Asante region of Ghana.A prestigious cloth originally intended for royalty & to mark special occasions, Kente or Asante cloth is woven of silk, rayon or fine cotton. It combines warp stripes, weft facing and weft floats in complex patterns. The patterns are widely reproduced in printed cloth.

For our Black Star Line collection we created a unique Butan Kente print. The print is made up of naval flags taken from the idea of a shipping company as inspired by Marcus Garvey’s shipping line.

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