Darque To The World

The Limpopo born Producer / DJ Darque, known for his afrocentric nature sound/ music, seems to be taking over the European club scene. Starting with an international tour this month, Darque will be touring with shows in Spain, Italy and Greece.

After being on Shimza’s successful One Man Show in April at Djoon club in Paris, the Dj is ready to give the world more of his unique sound. Darque will begin his tour at Europe’s party capital, Ibiza in Spain on the 25th of July, which has always been a dream of his.

Darque is set to release his new single “Yuna” featuring Capo and Kenyan artist, Idd Aziz which he’ll release in Europe. This is certainly a major move for the dj and further imprints South Africa’s musical stamp on the international club scene. Darque will have shows in Ibiza and Barcelona in Spain, Maruggio, Italy, as well as Thessaloniki, Santorini and Greece.

Make sure to stay tuned to all of Darque’s show in Europe, follow Darque on social media platforms:

Instagram – @Darquecity

Twitter – @DarqueCity

Facebook – Darque

Europa Tour Dates:

25th July – 15 Aug 2019

26th July – Ibiza, Spain

27th July Maruggio, Italy

2nd August Barcelona, Spain

13th August Thessaloniki, Greece

14th Aug Santorini, Greece

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