Butan Timeline 2008 – 2012

By 2008 the brand was fully immersed in the culture by means of sponsorship and endorsements. HandBreakTurn was one of the breakdancing crew Butan sponsored and also worked with on numerous projects. The brand went further to cultivate a relationship with rap crew, Driemanskap and til this day we rock with the crew. A new Butan logo was designed in 2008 which represented African Victory & Peace. In that time the brand had its first magazine feature article on the Student Choice magazine.

2009 was the year the Joburg scene was considered and our founder took a chance by jetting to Jozi for a weekend to see what opportunities awaited for him. Ritual Stores, now defunct, located in Newtown stocked Butan after Osmic the owner gave Julian the opportunity. Growing in its strides, the brand got on  board as marketing advisors and creative consultants for Kool Out Lounge(KOL). What this involved was creating event flyers for KOL, utilising the event and artists to wear Butan. A highlight was getting John Robinson to wear a Butan t-shirt during his performance.

Meeting the legendary hip-hop lyricist ProVerb and him wearing Butan products with pride was absolutely a big deal. At the time he was presenting a show called “Head Rush” on Channel O and the marketing tactic was effevtive for the brand. ProVerb is still part of the #ButanFam. One of the first Joburg produced music video to feature Butan product was, ProVerb’s and Ferdy “I know”. Our first skateboard sponsored was with Europe based skater Will Twala.

It was in 2010 that the brand experienced its most  major setback with a retailer in Johannesburg. The setback was intense and coming back seemed unlikely until Decemeber 2011. That time we forged major ties with Shesha that became one of our largest strategic retail partners. Things grew from then onwards, working with Back To The City which is the biggest hip-hop festival in Africa. One year Butan designed a flyer for the festival.

In 2011 the brand was back in action! Butan was visible in the Joburg scene and the streets with the likes of Reason, Khuli Chana, Dj Raiko, Kwesta and Slikour, to mention a few.

The brand had its first Fashion Show- AF1 Fastrack in 2012 which featured Naomi Noinyane(K Naomi) and Neo Leoka who walked the runway in Butan gear.

Butan got sponsorship from Play for Cape Town’s Most Wanted event by KOL to later dropping a collaboration with Kronk, who worked with Nike for 2010’s World Cup. The project rolled out in 2012 under the name, The Butan Five x Kronk





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