Butan Timeline 2001 – 2007

1994 was the year Julian Kubel was introduced to hip-hop and his passion for the genre along with street culture, specifically graffiti art inspired him to create his own t-shirts from some of his graffiti sketches. February 2001 birthed the first design and logo from the brand.

Baseline Studio, at the time located on Cape Town Long Street, was the first store to stock Butan after recognising the quality of the garments with professional prints and legitimate styling.

The brand being associated with Hip-Hop, graffiti and the street culture created ties with acts of the Cape Town scene such as Writer’s Block, Archetypes and legendary Ben Sharpa (RIP).

During that time in 2006, Julian met the hip-hop legend Shugasmakx and the iconic local hip-hop crew Skwatta Kamp, a friendship which lives to this day. Shugasmakx and Slikour then worked very closely with the brand. Populating the Cape Town scene intensely, December 2006 Butan had its first magazine product feature in True Love Babe followed by a music video feature on Konfab’s “How We Roll” ft Jaak. Naturally Butan teamed up with Pioneer Unit, a record label out of Cape Town for an event in the same year. Butan products also went to be featured on Planetary Assault’s CD cover which the brand went on to celebrate by hosting it’s first event in 2007.

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