Butan Space Range

It all started back in the 1960’s when Edward Makuka Nkolosi a member of the Zambian resistance movement and founder of the Zambia National Academy of Science, Space Research and Philosophy had plans of launching a space rocket to the moon.

He built his own fine designs of flight capsules and rockets to carry out his experiments. Due to lack of funds and resources to fuel his rocket he was forced to seek help from the Russians and Americans and his only request was that when the moon landing is successful the Zambian flag would be the first to go up.


The Butan Space Range Collection draws inspiration from the Zambian Space Program. This design inspiration extended to the graphic depiction on the garments. You will find on the garments a representation of a tribal rocket taking off, a Panther stars constellation and glow in the dark aesthetic.

Continuing the inspiration to a South African context, the tribal rocket on the right sleeve is taken from iziqhaza which are Zulu traditional clip on earrings. The 1981 takes on a futuristic tradition design aesthetic on both sleeves. Rounded off by the panther constellation.

These graphic elements are seen throughout the Space Range collection from 2018 to the current season.



Check out the video below for the full story of Edward Makuka Nkolosi


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