Butan Presents: The Playlist with Tshego Koke

We’re proud to share with you this new installment of The Playlist which features, next generation entertainer Tshego Koke. You may know him as the determined and new, maybe not so new anymore, presenter on MTV Base.

This is how a lot of us were introuced, to the once north of Pretoria resident who wears many hats with ease. He’s come into his rap/hip-hop persona with ease, considering he did go all the way to the SABC to drop off music for T-Bo Touch. Yes, Tshego has been at it for a while with the music. He’s definitely no newbie.

Since he’s been a TV mainstay, slipping into Massiv Metro for an online radio show isn’t too out of his realm. Entertainement is Tshego’s forte.

Shot on location at Unwrapped in Braamfontein, Tshego shares with us the songs he’s jamming to, favourites from the playlist and what he gets up to. Stay tuned to our social media to see what Tshego had to

He also did share with us a playlist of the songs he’s feeling. Head over to our Spotify page and strem the playlist.

TSHEGO’S PLAYLIST – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/44UxDV3HQPEN5u78xMeTdw?si=C24UmSFkQ7iNHpwL-ZRXZg



Location – Unwrapped, Braamfontein @unwrapped_tz

Photo & Video – Tee Man @teemantv

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