KOOLOUT LIVE IS BACK!!!! After a brief hiatus, the KOL crew brings back their long standing KOOLOUT LIVE… We collaborating with JHB’s premiere Hip Hop outfit: SLAGHUIS, as the Cpt leg of their regional: THE KING of STREET RAP CHAMPIONSHIP! The night will feature prominent CPT wordsmiths: KANYI KRITSI YE SPAZA SHORTY TEE HEMELBESEM YOUNGSTA […]

If you missed the Butan fashion show at CTFW and the official afterparty check out this video produced by ‘One.Dog.Chicken ‘ . Enjoy! For more interesting photography and film projects check out the official home of ‘One.Dog.Chicken’ www.onedogchicken.com . Some serious talent! Looking forward to many more colabs and creative projects with these guys.