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With 2019 fast approaching its end, we shouldn’t forget the time we sat down with Tarryn ‘TNT’, Tshego Koke and Scoop Makhathini when they each shared their playlists with you. The playlists now live on Spotify, allowing you a glimpse into the world of our affiliates. In the famous words of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, “I […]

It’s said that Christmas is not everyday. Very true! However, Christmas is definitely starting early this December all thanks to the Flexecution family. American rapper Lil Baby has just been announced as the headline act for the 2019 edition of urban music event Flexecution. The Perfect Timing hitmaker will be performing in South Africa for […]

Growing up in a South African township one thing is certain, your house had a picture you weren’t sure if the people in it were family or not. The disctinct and recognisable out of all is the mother and child image. Hung on a wall in a living room, this picture became a staple in […]

African Hip Hop Indaba turns 20 African Hip Hop Indaba is one of the longest running Hip Hop events in South Africa and is hosted annually by Heal The Hood Project. Started 20 years ago, it proudly has raised money for more than 200 Hip hop artists to travel to international events. This year it […]

On Sunday, 8th September 2019 from 12:00 till 21:00 Where Is The Beef Media is hosting the third annual Beat Makers Market, the event is an innovative networking event geared towards Artists and Music Producers to build successful business relationships. Producers showcase tracks live on stage in front of numerous independent artists, movie supervisors, A&Rs, music executives, […]

Who remembers the sci-fi game changer “Back To The Future?” Back in 1985 a film which offset a great pursuit to time travel as well as hover boards and more notably, self lacing sneakers was released called “Back To The Future” directed by legendary Steven Spielberg. The film was a grand display of time travel, […]

When the Shwegami reversible jacket dropped in May 2017, we drew inspiration from Japan once again. When you check out the jacket’s satin lining something special is happenig in there. This time a Japanese traditional craft Ise Katagami was adopted with a South African twist of course. The name “Shwegami” is a merging of Ise […]

August 2016 we took to the streets with a new story titled Za-Kuza. A reversible jacket, in the range, sported a lining graphic that resembled a style quite familiar to the eye. The name itself seemed familiar too. ‘Za-Kuza’ is a combination of South Africa’s international code (ZA) and the name for Japan’s notorious organised […]

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