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The day we’ve been looking forward to all year is fast approaching and we can barely contain our excitement. Check the trailer video we’ve compiled below, using footage from our Summer 2015 launch party. If you were there on the day, you can expect way more on November 4 as we’ve doubled up on the entertainment […]

Born in the underground and raised on the streets, Butan’s journey to becoming one of South Africa’s most sought after street wear brands has been filled with all sorts of obstacles and triumphs which we’d love to share with all our supporters. On the 4th of November we celebrate our 15th year in the game […]

The response we’ve been getting from our Yakuza-inspired pieces has been amazing, so we’ve taken the concept even further by introducing a limited run of glow-in-the-dark ZA-Kuza sweaters. Only 20 of these special items exist and are available exclusively on our webstore and our official Whatsapp network:0817366966. We consider every garment we release as a collector’s […]

  Our new lookbook is out, click here for the location shots and click here for the studio takes. A big thank you to Conway, Aden and Wayne for modelling the gear, Cailin Tobias for handling the photography and Loren Lee Henderson for coordinating and styling the shoot. The crazy-talented Jason Prins was responsible for shooting […]

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