Africa Is The Future, A Butan Story

Who remembers the sci-fi game changer “Back To The Future?” Back in 1985 a film which offset a great pursuit to time travel as well as hover boards and more notably, self lacing sneakers was released called “Back To The Future” directed by legendary Steven Spielberg.

The film was a grand display of time travel, tech innovation and all round sci-fi goodies. The classic film has gone on to become a cultural phenomenon and reaching beyong USA pop culture. Streetwear has taken on ‘owning’ some of the film’s iconic poi. Most notably the self lacing shoes

As Butan we gave the movie title a twist and focused on its second release, “Back To The Future 2.” The second movie dropped in 1989 where Marty McFly (movie’s main character) time travels to October 2015. We dropped our “Africa Is The Future” t-shirt in October 2015.

Doing what we do best, we once again took a cultural icon moment and planted it firmly into African territory.


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